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In Coal County
Each guest room has private entries.
The 1200 square foot great room with two fully equipped bathrooms can accommodate  groups for seminars, workshops, reunions, retreats or what ever your event might be for overnight stays. Bedding is not included. So bring your air mattress and bedding. Have your event and stay overnight. Minimum Group size is 20 and guests may stay over night for $20 per person per night.
Two guest rooms are available in the Ash Flat Building for overnight accommodations at $75 per night.
The 1909 restored Ash Flat building
Each guest room is equipped with hotel type bathrooms.
The old church of Christ building was completed renovated and repurposed to be used for  overnight stays for couples up to groups. 
Where did the name ASH FLAT come from?

Early in our history when new communities were settled, the first public buildings established were general purpose and served as churches, schools, and community meeting places.  The community's name was painted on a plaque mounted above the door or on the bell tower if they had one. The name Ash Flat was the name of a voting district which encompassed several surrounding communities Although Clarita and other communities nearby have dwindled in population and older buildings have been lost in time, we decided to keep the name alive on one of the few remaining icons of our little town.